Patient Handling Instructor Course
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The Patient Handling Instructor Course Offers Good Career Opportunities In The Work Place Health and Safety Training Programs

Qualtec is a reputed institute offering various courses in the health and safety at workplace programs and assisting many companies to achieve the OHSAS 18001 accreditation. The institute offer training programs for various courses in both categories for the instructors as well as the end users. The instructor courses are surely helpful for the candidates who would like to build their career in this sector. The patient handling instructor course is offered to those who have completed their FETCA level 6 manual handling instructor courses. This course offers an insight to the candidates to teach the patient handling techniques and skills in time of an accident to carefully transfer them to the hospital without aggregating the injuries. The instructor course not only offers an insight about patient handling but also the required skills to teach the course to the end users in an effective manner.


Manual Handling Instructor course



The objective of this patient handling instructor course is to help the learner with the desired competence to effectively design and deliver the patient handling course to the end users. The course content comprises of risk assessment in patient handling, principles and techniques to be used in patient handling, designing and planning the course content for patient handing training and also delivering the patient training handling effectively to the end users so that they can implement their knowledge and skills at the work place. By completing this patient handing instructor course one shall be able to explain the students about the risk assessment process in patient handling and also the range of controls that can be used to avoid and minimize the risk associated in patient handling. The course also highlights the patient handling techniques like supporting, gliding, rolling, sliding, sitting and standing to transfer the patient. The instructors shall also be able to develop training courses and lesson plans along with analysing the performance of the learners in patient handling techniques.


The patient handling instructor course offers an overall practical patient handling techniques that allows one to become proficient instructor in this domain and build their career in the work place health and training programs. The course cost is just 450 euros and on completion of the course from Qualtec the learners can also have access to the teaching resources like  power point presentations, videos, guides and other useful links to become successful as an instructor in teaching patient handling skills and techniques to the end users.

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