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Qualtec Fire Safety Instructor Course Make You A Perfect Trainer In The Program

It is important for the organisations to implement the best safety standards at the work place that would automatically enhance safe working conditions that would result in winning the morale of the employees which would also result in improved productivity of the companies. Qualtec is one institute that has been established in the year 1993 and has been helping many companies achieve OHSAS accreditation and also conducting many health and safety programs to prevent accidents at the work site and enhance the skills and knowledge of the individuals on how to reach in times of emergencies. The institute comes up with courses not only for the individuals but also those who are interested to become trainers in the health and safety programs. The institute Qualtec is now recognised across the industry as the best in offering instructor training for different programs like manual handling, abrasive wheels, CFR, fire safety and also first aid responder.


Fire Safety Instructor course


The fire safety instructor course from the institute gives best opportunity for the learners to become skilled and proficient trainers in this course.  There is no doubt that fire accidents can happen at any time due to various reasons resulting in injuries, loss of lives and also property damage. But if one is trained in fire safety programs they shall be able to take the precautions to minimise the damage before professional help arrives. They shall be able to learn the nature of fire, fire hazards, fire prevention, use of fire extinguisher and also about fire emergency and evacuation. This course also gives an awareness about identifying fire hazards, selection and usage of correct fire extinguishers and also follow the company’s fire procedure. Hence, most of the companies are encouraging their employees to enrol in the fire safety training that results in a demand for fire safety instructors and the course.


The fire safety instructor course is offered by Qualtec with an aim to provide the learners with the skills, knowledge and attitude to train others in managing fire safety in the workplace. This course content consists of what and why of fire, legal requirements, fire prevention, fire detection, fire emergency procedures and also fire extinguishment that helps the learners to be able to explain what fire is and the fire safety legal requirements that need to be followed in the work place. The course also equip the learners to explain about employer responsibilities in relation to fire safety in their work place, explain the fire triangle, identification of fire hazards, fire procedures to be followed and compare and choose the right fire extinguishers along with correct usage to prevent fire.


This course costs around 350 euro and on successful completion and certification one can become the fire safety instructors to take up the training programs.

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