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There are so many institutions now offering first aid training and some offer online courses you can easily take. Group training courses are also made available to enable companies or organizations to take their staff through the important training programs to put them in a better position to handle health emergencies. Social care courses are also offered to ensure that the society is well taken care of by abundance in trained administrators.


In most cases the training revolves around the ABCs of first aid referring to Airways, Breathing and Circulation. The administrators get trained on how to make sure that the victim's airways are clear and they can breathe to allow circulation. The basics can also include clearing the airways, ensuring there is blood circulation and cardio to ensure the heart is beating. The simple but critical exercises can save lives in any given emergency and hence there is importance for individuals to get proper first aid training so they can come to the aid of the suffering when they need help the most.

First aid providers in the United States are regulated by the Good Samaritan Law, for as long as their treatment does not go beyond training or certification. The certification is restricted to standard life support functions that are required to sustain life. In order to be certified you will have to take courses that range from a couple of hours to several days for a combination course, or instructor and specialty courses. So it is not a huge commitment to attend these courses. Once you have been certified, it is advised that you regularly attend refresher courses (say once a year) in order to refresh and update your skills. First aid certification is also regularly required in certain professions. These include rescue divers, lifeguards, soldiers, scuba diving instructors, wilderness tour guides, sports coaches etc. But, first aid certification can also often be the first step to enter such professions, and others, including ambulance assistants and emergency care providers.



First Aid certification varies from one country and place to another. Many governments start their certification process by certifying schools which are meant to offer first aid training services. Usually, such a process is characterized by an investigation and assessment of the quality services and trainers it has. Some authorities then issue a certification after being satisfied that the quality of services is as demanded in law or as has been desired.


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