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In order to maintain good safety standards at the work site companies often encourage their staff to enrol in the first air responder course so that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to reach in times of emergency. An accident may happen any time time and if there is one who is a certified FAR there is every chance to save the injured persons by applying first aid techniques before professional medical help arrives. This is the reason there is lot of demand for this course and also the PHECC FAR instructors who can offer best training to the learners. In case, you are interested for a career in the health and safety industry you can opt for this PHECC FAR instructor course being offered by reputed health and safety training programs institute Qualtec that equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to become an efficient trainer in this course. The first air responder course is all about teaching the learners on how to handle patients before medical help arrives. This course consists of topics on how to do patient assessment, apply first aid to common injuries, applying first respond cardiac arrest techniques, handling burns and electric injuries offering relief to the patients, managing unconscious persons before medical help arrives and also manage many more incidents that may occur due to an accident and save the lives of the affected people by applying first aid techniques in the precious minutes before they receive professional health.

PHECC FAR Instructor course


The PHECC FAR instructor course covers all these aspects that needs to be taught to the learners as well as also equips you with the teaching methodology of the FAR course to enhance the skills of the learners in applying the techniques they have learned in the real time scenario. The instructor course helps you with lesson planning, class management techniques, student’s assessment, adult teaching, communication skills and many more aspects that help you to confidently handle the class and become an efficient trainer to teach the FAR course. As part of the course you shall also be equipped with skills to maintain records and documentation of work done, prepare presentations, assessment of the learners for certification etc to complete your course successfully. Once you are certified as the PHECC FAR instructor you can join the training programs being offered by Qualtec and a trainer for FAR courses. Qualtec allows you to have access to their study material like video lessons, presentation and other useful links that help to improve your teaching skills as an FAR instructor.

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