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CFR Instructor Course

First Aid Course Helps One to Save Lives in Times of Emergency Situation

Occupational first aid course is very helpful for the employees to participate because on completing the course they shall be proficient in the skills and knowledge of taking care of an emergency situation in times of need before the medical help arrives. The companies also prefer employees with a first aid course certification that would help them to enhance the safety standards at the work place. Qualtec is one institute that has been offering first aid course to the interested candidates to equip them with the best skills according to PHECC to react in emergencies offering the much needed first aid to the patient that would save their lives before professional medical help arrives. Anyone is eligible to join this occupational first aid course who shall not only be offered the course but also an assessment and valid certification as a first aid responder.



First Aid Course



As part of the course the candidates are taught about assessing the patient and following incident procedure to sustain the condition of the patient. The course also covers how to handle common medical emergencies, CPR, caring unconscious patients, injury management, hypothermia and hyperthermia, burns and electrical injuries and also on communication and information management so that they can hand over the case to the emergency medical team effectively. On completing this course the candidates shall be able to save patients in the life threatening environment until the arrival of the professional medical services. They shall be trained to maintain their composure and competence in handling the patient knowing their limitations yet providing the necessary first aid to the patients to stabilize their condition. The candidates shall be trained to handle emergency conditions in all kinds of environments whether work, home or recreational environments.


This first aid course is offered for three days or to be precise 18 hours of classes and on completing the course successfully the candidates need to undergo an assessment that tests their five FAR skills along with CPR. Once they are qualified in the assessment the candidates shall be awarded with the first aid responder certification. The course fee is very much competitive and you can expect Qualtec offering the best tutors and training material for one to become proficient in their skills and knowledge not only joining in the FAR course but any other course offered by them. The institute maintains high quality and standards in offering all their courses and hence recognised by PHECC.

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