Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

The FAR Course Helps in Maintaining Work Place Safety Standards

Maintaining safety standards at the work place are very important as it not only prevents any mishaps at the work place but also enhance the morale and productivity of the employees. There are many health and safety training programs that helps to create awareness among the employees to ensure that precautions are taken to maintain safety standards and also enhance their knowledge on how to reach in times of emergency. The FAR course is one such program where the learners are provided with the knowledge and skills on how to react if there is any work place accident and take the required measures before professional medical help arrives. This first aid responder course objective is to create awareness about the possible accidents that may happen at the work site and train the candidates on how to identify the severity of the case and apply first aid techniques to offer relief to the patient before the medical help arrives. The course also helps the candidates to learn on how to use AED, how to respond in case of cardiac arrest, handling wounds and bleeding, first aid to poison, chemicals, electric shock, musculoskeletal injuries and other mishaps at the work place. On completion of this FAR course one shall be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to offer appropriate first aid to the patient and also optimize health and performance at the work site.



FAR Instructor course


There is also FAR instructor course for those who are interested in a trainer career that shall be taught about the FAR role and responsibilities along with lesson planning, the skills and knowledge required to teach first aid care, CPR, AED, motivating the students and assessing their skills, manage practice sessions to students etc that would help you to become a qualified instructor once you are certified in the course. There is also abrasive wheels instructor course that provides the delegates with the course content that covers legislation that is related to abrasive wheels, abrasive wheels accidents, types in abrasive wheels, manufacturing and storage of abrasive wheels, information on abrasive wheels, trueing and dressing of abrasive wheels and also developing the abrasive wheels training course and delivering efficiently to the students, assessing the students’ knowledge and skills in abrasive wheels etc that allows the learners to become proficient trainers in this domain.


All these courses are offered by Qualtec which conducts work place health and safety training programs and certification that surely helps the organisations to provide the best work environment to their employees and enhance the productivity of their company.

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