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Join FAR Course to Offer Your Help as a First aid Responder in Times of Medical Emergencies

It is always better to join a FAR course as this training not only gives you the chance to perform first aid in times of emergency and save peoples’ life but also improves your chances of getting a job as many organisations prefer workers with this certification. This is the reason many are enrolling into this training course but to get the best out of it you need to lookout for recognised institute like Qualtec that offers PHECC FAR course which is standard in the health and safety training programs in the industry. Qualtec has the best faculty and offers this course that comes for a duration of 3 days with nominal fees. The organisations also benefit by taking people with FAR course as they can maintain safety standards at their work place and surely encourages the morale and productivity of the workers. The FAR course covers the subject on patient assessment during an accident or any mishap and also to manage different conditions like incident procedures, applying cardiac first response, common medical injuries, burns & electrical injury care, care of an unconscious patient, injury management and shock, hypothermia and hyperthermia, information management etc based on the demand of the situation.


FAR Course


By completing this course successfully one shall be able to display their knowledge and skills to attend a patient and offer first aid response before the medical help arrives. They can assist people in helping people that need immediate medical help before professional medical help can be accessed. This surely helps to save the patient during those precious minutes by doing the necessary first aid response and handing over the patient and appropriate information about the patient condition for further medical treatment. This first aid training for the workers is very much useful as they can handle any type of emergency in case of sudden accidents at the work sites that are prone to mishaps. On successful completion of the FAR course one has to undergo an assessment where the skill and knowledge of the candidate is tested before being awarded with the certification. The PHECC FAR course certificate is valid for 2 years after which the candidates need to attend a refresher course.


Qualtec not only offer FAR course but also FAR instructor course to all those who are interested to become trainers for the health and safety programs. You can book the seat for a FAR course by making the payment online.

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