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Join PHECC FAR Instructor course for a bright career

Join PHECC FAR Instructor course for a bright career



Qualtec is one institute that has been offering a variety of end user and instructor courses in the health and safety programs. You can find the best trainers and resources being offered by Qualtec to deliver the courses. The PHECC FAR course is one popular course that is pursued by many which offers insights on how to deal with life threatening conditions in the pre-hospital environment and keep the patient stable till the medical help arrives. This course content covers topics like assessment of patient, incident procedure, CPR, common medical emergencies, hypothermia and hyperthermia, burns and electrical injuries, care of the unconscious patients, information management, communication and well-being of the first aid responder. By doing this course one shall be able to react and provide first aid to prevent any further harm to the patient before the medical help arrives. The FAR shall be able to recognise and cope up with the emergency condition to keep the patient stable displaying the necessary skills like composure, confidence and competence while knowing their limitations to save the patient. This is a three-day course and on completion the candidates must undergo an assessment before being certified as PHECC First Aid Responder.



Similarly, those who are interested to become instructors can find PHECC FAR instructor course being offered by Qualtec that would surely help one to build their career in this domain. The first aid instructor course is planned to be delivered in two days where in the first day training content on psychology training, principles of adult learning and role of a trainer, adult learning styles, lesson planning and class management, teaching media and methods, handling fear and enhancing confidence, communication skills and how to build rapport with learners is discussed. The second day course covers topics on preparing for a course, housekeeping, H&S, presentations and assessments, FAR course & protocol, assessment and certification of the learners and FAR documentation and records. By doing this course one shall be able to demonstrate competence to teach the end user FAR course applying the principles of adult learning, class management, demonstrate and deliver health, safety and welfare through out the course and the skills to design a FAR course. On completion of the course the candidates must assist on two basic FAR courses before being certified by Qualtec as the PHECC FAR instructor.


The course fees are very much affordable, and you can surely enjoy the best learning experience from Qualtec to complete the course and certification assessment.

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