Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

The FAR Course Training Enhances Workplace Safety Standards

To maintain work place safety it is not only important to have safety standards set in the work place but the workers should also be encouraged to take training in the first aid courses so that they can immediately react in times of emergency before medical help arrives. The workers having trained in FAR course also get preference when they are applying for a job. The PHECC FAR course is recognised by both health & safety authority and PHECC in training the candidates with the skills and knowledge on how to react when there is a work place accident and the necessary measures to be taken before professional medical help arrives. Anyone can take part in this 3 days course duration with the course objectives to help the delegates gain the skills to administer appropriate first aid in times of need. The aim of this FAR course is to create awareness among the delegates about the possible accidents at the work place. They shall also be trained to identify if the accident requires first aid treatment and apply the first aid techniques that provide some relief to the patient. The PHECC FAR course also teaches how to use automated external defibrillator and also how to optimise the health and performance at the workplace.


PHECC FAR course


The FAR course content includes classes on first aid at work place, assessment of patient, handling respiratory emergencies, managing wounds and bleeding, cardiac first response, handling altered levels of consciousness of the patient, first aid to musculoskeletal injuries and also burns, chemicals, poison or electric shock at the workplace. By undergoing this training there is no doubt that one can efficiently handle any workplace accident quite efficiently with awareness and expertise before emergency care arrives. On completing this FAR course the candidates need to appear for a test where the skills and knowledge of the candidates shall be examined by the examiner who is registered with OFAAA. On successful completion of the course the candidate shall be awarded with the PHECC FAR certificate. The cost of the course is 350 euro per person and there is a discount for an in-house course for up to 10 persons charging 1500 euros. The organisations can avail this opportunity to have their employees trained in the FAR course so that they can maintain workplace safety and standards for better performance and productivity.

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