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Join PHECC FAR Course to Become Certified First Aid Responder

The first aid responder course is very much useful for any individual who would like to go all out and help people in times of emergencies. Especially organisations should encourage their employees to take up this course as it allows the employees to respond immediately in case of any work place accidents before arrival of medical help. All those who are interested in the PHECC FAR course can lookout for the institute Qualtec offering some best courses in the health and safety programs. The duration of this course is 18 hours which shall be covered within three days times before the learners are assessed on the FAR skills and certified in the course. The course content covers on how to assess the patient in times of emergency, handle incident procedure, injury management, CPR, burns and electricity injury, taking care of unconscious patients, communications, information management etc so that they can stabilise the condition of the patient as it is until the medical help arrives.


FAR Course



  There is no doubt that the first few minutes are very crucial in times of emergency and a person who has done this FAR course shall be very much helpful to react in the right way with good knowledge and skills to keep the patient condition intact before medical help arrives. On completion of the FAR course the learners shall be able to provide the pre-hospital first aid response in any environment and shall be able to deal with life threatening challenges before the medical help arrives. By completing the course the learners shall be able to display the much needed self-confidence, composure and also competence to take care of the situation and immediately respond to attend the people who have been injured to offer them the much required first aid before the medical team takes over. They shall be able to offer valuable information to the medial team about the patient condition so that they can immediately take the necessary actions to offer best health care to the patient.


Once the course is completed the candidates are supposed to undergo an assessment that tests their five FAR skills that also includes CPR to certify them as qualified first aid responders. Qualtec has the best training staff and anyone joining their programs can surely have the best learning experience and in-depth knowledge on how to respond as an FAR.




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