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Join Occupational First Aid Course to Respond and Save Lives in Medical Emergency Conditions

It is always important to choose the best institute that is recognised when you are planning to do courses like occupational first aid course. Qualtec is one such institute that offers the first aid course that is recognised by PHECC to maintain that standards and credibility to the course. In fact, Qualtec is one of the few companies that has been approved by FETCA to offer various courses in health and safety programs. This course is very much useful for anyone who is service oriented and wants to play a crucial role in times of medical emergencies. By joining the first aid course the learners shall be able to acquire the required knowledge and skills in offering first aid in life threatening conditions and before the medical help arrives. The course content includes how to assess the patient and follow incidence procedure, handle common medical emergencies, CPR, manage burns and electrical injuries, information management, communication etc that would be able very much helpful to stabilize the condition of the patient before professional medical help arrives.


 First Aid Course



On doing this occupational first aid course the learners shall be able to create awareness about work place safety and also act immediately in case of any accidents at the work site. The learners shall become proficient to deal with life threatening conditions in the pre-hospital environment to prevent any further harm before the emergency medical help arrives. They shall be able to provide the necessary first air and manage the patient condition displaying the necessary personal skills like competence, composure and self-confidence to deal with the situation. This on time first aid help surely stabilises the condition of the patient from becoming much worse and it also becomes easy for the emergency medical help to know the patient condition from the initial report offered by the first aid providers to continue with the required procedures to enhance the condition of the patient.


This first aid course duration is 18 hours which shall be delivered in three days’ time by the trainers in Qualtec. The learners shall become proficient on five FAR skills that also includes CPR by the time they complete the course. On completing the course the learners have to undergo an assessment to receive the PHECC recognised first aid responder certificate. The fees for this course is also very much competitive and you can book your seat online by blocking the date and paying the fee amount.



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