Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

The FAR Course Helps The Learners to Maintain Safety and Health Standards At Their Work Place

Being equipped with knowledge like the first aid response comes very much handy to handle work place accidents by reacting appropriately to the emergencies before the medical help arrive. This is the reason most of the organisations encourage their employees to join the FAR course to enhance the work place safety which would surely reflect in improving productivity at the work site. Those who join this FAR course shall be able to learn the skills required to administer appropriate first aid in times of need. This course surely enhance your awareness about the possible work place accidents, identifying an accident that needs first air, applying the first aid techniques, using AED and also improving health and performance standards at the work place. The course content covers topics like first aid in work place, assessing patients, handling respiratory and cardiac first emergencies, managing patients with altered levels of consciousness, wounds and bleeding, burns and scalds, musculoskeletal injuries, electric shock, poison etc to keep the patient intact before professional help arrives.

FAR Instructor course


Similarly, those who would like to become trainers can join the FAR instructor course which equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to teach the CPR, first aid care, using AED etc along with the necessary skills to develop the course material, handle lesson planning, motivate the students, assess students’ knowledge, impart hands on skills practice sessions to students in offering first aid care and many more things that help you to become a qualified instructor in the FAR course. On completion of the course the candidates should undergo an assessment that tests their proficiency in the subject based on which the certification is awarded to the learners.


Similarly, the fire safety instructor course also has good demand creating wonderful job opportunities to the candidates. This course objective aims at providing the learners with the necessary skills, attitude and knowledge to train others in handling fire safety at the work place. This course consists of explaining what fire is and the fire safety legal requirements that should be maintained at the work place. The course also covers topics on teaching about fire prevention, fire detection, fire emergency procedures, fire extinguishment, using different fire extinguishers etc. that would equip the learners to maintain fire safety standards at the workplace.


By joining recognised work place health and safety organisation offering these courses you can surely get the best inputs as well as certification that would be useful for your career as well as maintaining safety standards at the work place.

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