Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

Learn how to apply pesticides correctly by joining knapsack pesticide training course

Specialized in the delivery of a wide range of Instructor Courses that include annual Handing, Patient Handling, First Aid, CFR, Abrasive Wheels and Fire Safety, Qualtec is a company that has trained more than 5,000 people ever since it has been established in the year 1992 by Sean kelleher. Qualtec started its journey by delivering the Manual Handling Instructor Programme. However, it slowly progressed onto delivering the Patient Handling Instructor Course. Qualtec is one of the first companies to have got an approval from FETAC in the year 2008 to deliver the Level 6 Manual Handling, People Moving Instructor programmes. Qualtec also has an approval to deliver the Level 6 Training Delivery & Evaluation course. Qualtec also became a PHECC recognized centre in the year 2013 and started delivering the CFR Instructor Program. Qualtec added another feather to its cap in the year 2017 when they became one of the first centres to be approved to deliver the new First Aid Responder Instructor courses. Since then, they have assisted more than 150 trainers progress from being QQI Level 6 OFA Instructors to becoming FAR Instructors. Qualtec has also come up with a Knapsack Pesticide Training course that aims at providing the learners with a very good knowledge of using the pesticides properly.



After the course, the learners will acquire the required skills and attitude to be able to apply pesticides correctly and more importantly, safely using a boom sprayer. The handheld Knapsack Spraying Course content includes various topics like the reason pesticides are used, various ways or methods to control pests, selection of the right kind of pests as per the requirement, handling the pesticides safely, storing the pesticides in the right way, applying the pesticides in the right way and proper disposal of pesticides. Apart from these, learners will also now become aware of the legislation that applies to pesticides. The learners will not only know how to use a boom sprayer but will also be aware of the components of a boom sprayer and will become experts in handling the equipment. The will have all the health and safety information in mind while using the pesticides and will also store the pesticides by labelling and marking them properly and using safety data sheets. The will know how to prepare and calibrate a boom sprayer and will know how to mix the pesticides in right proportions. The course duration is for 2 days and the third day is allocated for assessment. On completing the course, the learners will receive a QQI Level 5 certificate in Hand Held Pesticide Application.

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