Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

Join PHECC FAR course from reliable institute to become competent

Having done a PHECC FAR course comes very much handy when you encounter a medical emergency condition as you have the right knowledge and skills to stabilise the condition of the patient till the emergency medical help arrives. This course can be done by anyone and especially many companies prefer people with a FAR certificate over the others for offering a job to maintain workplace safety. You can don this course from Qualtec which is one institute that is recognised in offering the health and safety programs in different domains. The institute has the best trainers who provide the learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle medical emergency conditions in pre-hospital environment until the arrival of the medical help. This course covers topics like assessment of patient, following the incident procedure, administering CPR, managing common medical emergencies, taking care of unconscious patients, first aid to burns and electrical injuries, managing hypothermia and hyperthermia patients, communication skills, information management and well-being of the first aid responder. This course duration is three days after which the candidate needs to undergo an assessment before being certified with the first aid responder certificate.


Qualtec also offers PHECC FAR instructor course to those aspirants interested in a career as an instructor. This course equips the candidate with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to train others to become the first aid responder. This course consists of topics like psychology of training, role of a trainer, principles of adult learning and adult learning styles, handling challenging learners and class management, lesson planning, effectively using teaching media and methods, overcoming fear and enhancing confidence, building rapport with learners and improving communication skills. The candidate shall also be taught about preparing a course, presentations, FAR course and protocol, assessments and certification of learners and FAR records and documentation process. On completion of this course the learner shall have the competence to teach the FAR course to the learners using teaching and audio-visual materials along with applying the adult learning conditions and principles for effective results. The instructor shall be able to exhibit good confidence in handling the class with mature interpersonal skills to articulate the necessary information to the learners and engaging and motivating them to learn the skills and acquire knowledge to become a certified FAR.

It is not just FAR course, but you can find Qualtec offering many more programs for both the end users as well as those aspiring to become instructors.

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