Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

PHECC FAR Course Makes you Proficient in Handing Patients Before Medical Help Arrives

The PHECC FAR course trains the participants regarding the course of action that need to be followed when a person suddenly becomes ill and before the medical emergency services arrive. This is very much useful for anyone and especially organisations encourage their employees to train in this course to enhance workplace safety. Qualtec is one institute offering this course in the best quality with experienced and certified trainers to teach the participants on how to assess the condition of the patients and manage them according to the PHECC standards before medical help arrives. The first aid responder course enhances the skills and knowledge of the participants on how to deal with the life threatening conditions and keep the patient stable until the arrival of the medical help. You never know when a personal may suddenly become ill and at such times the FAR can come very much handy who can efficiently offer first aid and can manage the patient health condition without any stress.


PHECC FAR course


The FAR course content includes on how to manage people with cardiac first arrest, incident management, injury management and shock, patient assessment, handling burns and electricity shocks, consumption of poison, Adult CPR and AED, infant CPR and AED, care of unconscious patient etc in the best manner. The person with FAR certification can surely make a difference in the times of emergency as every minute is precious in saving the life of the patient till the arrival of the professional medical help. This course duration is for 3 days and anyone can join the course to be trained as a first aid responder and get the certification on successful completion of the course and assessment. This certificate is valid for 2 years and those who have done this course can also become eligible for the FAR instructor course in case they want to join as training faculty in the health and safety training programs conducted in the industry.


Qualtec offers both first aid responder course as well as the FAR instructor course for the aspirants who would like to enhance their knowledge in this domain. While FARs can offer services in their work places the instructors can surely train many more people who are interested to become first aid responders who are very useful for the society. To join the PHECC FAR course you can check out the schedule online for the Qualtec classes and make the payment to book your seat and enrol in the course.

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