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Safe Pass Course Guides on Safety Programs in The Work Environment

It is the responsibility of the organizations to provide a safe working environment to their workers to obtain optimal productivity from them. In this process, they can encourage their staff and workers to join the online safety training courses that would enhance their awareness about the safety features and conditions that should be maintained at the workplace not only for the benefit of the workers but also for an ideal workplace in the organization. There are professional institutes offering these safety training courses through their qualified consultants who deliver the course in the best interest of maintaining safety standards in the work places.

Handling and Distribution of Pesticides training

Hand Held Pesticide Application training

If you are in the construction field you can join the safe pass course in which the training is aimed to make the candidates more aware about the possible dangers and risks associated with the construction work. By undergoing this course it helps the attendees to take the necessary precautions while on the job. The safe pass course offers training content on topics like why promoting safety, work legislation on work and safety, accident reporting & emergency procedure, accident prevention, health and hygiene, working at heights, manual handling, working with electricity, precautions to be taken when working underground and overground services, use on handheld equipment and tools and many more that are useful for the construction workers to enhance their awareness about their working conditions. The course also contains a safe use of vehicles, noise and vibrations, safety features during excavations and confined spaces and also on usage of personal protective equipment.

In fact, those who are attending this course also have to go through a safe pass test and a safe pass training card is awarded to those who are successful which has to be produced on request by health and safety authority to work in the construction site. This course costs around 95 euros per person and one can book their seat either online or offline to attend the training session.

FETAC Occupational First Aid Courses

FETAC Occupational First Aid Courses

Similarly, you can also check out the manual handling courses which focus on how to safely lift the objects understanding the anatomy of the body to prevent back injuries in the long run. This course contains some topics like reasons for looking after one’s back health, anatomy of the back, manual handling legislation, biomechanics of manual handling, risk assessment in manual handling of heavy objects, safe manual handling techniques, manual handling demonstration and assessment along with discussing backcare in day to day life and exercise. This is a 3 hour course and costs 40 euros per person and organizations can pay 400 euros for 12 persons.

By joining these courses you can have an understanding about the safety measures that should be taken care of in the work environment in the best interest of both the workers and the organization.

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