Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

The Manual Handling Instructor Course Helps You Become Qualified Trainer To Teach The Course

Qualtec is one of the leading safety training and consulting firm in Ireland that offers many courses to maintain the workplace safety standards by the organizations to offer better working conditions for their employees. The many courses are offered not only for the candidates to implement in their work place but also to those who would like to become instructors in the particular course to trainer the learners. The CFR instructor course offers the learners with the right skills, knowledge and attitude to become the best trainers to teach others to become the cardiac first responders. The course gives an overview to the learners on how to explain the role of PHECC and chain of survival, demonstration and correct usage of adult and child CPR, and also properly administering AED. The course also teaches on how to explain the critical incident stress management, adult and child foreign     body airway obstruction, how to deal stroke and heart attack and how to set the recovery position etc. The course also offer the learners on lesson planning, presentations skills, training resources, how to create learning environment etc that would be useful for the learners to become proficient trainers.


FAR Course


The manual handling instructor course is very useful for those who want to become manual handling trainers to impart the learners with the necessary skills and knowledge regarding the manual handling and safety legislation, ergonomics to be followed in manual handling, manual handling risk assessment process, on how to control the risk of manual handling injuries, develop manual handling principles and techniques and many more expected from a manual handling instructor. The FAR course is for those who would like to offer their services in times of medical emergency to take care of the situation before the medical help arrives. This course teaches the learners on how to recognize and evaluate the causes sudden illness or injury to call the medical help, respond to emergencies conditions, record and report the interventions and actions taken before medical help arrived for a follow up and also retain the caring and professional attitude as first aid responders. The course gives an insight on patient assessment, recording incident procedures, injury management and shock, handling common medical emergencies, information management etc. that makes one proficient as a first aid responder.


All the instructors or candidates who have done these courses need to undergo an assessment to receive their certification in the course.

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