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If you are planning to join the FAR course it is important that you lookout for an institute that is PHECC recognised and maintains the teaching standards so that you can excel in the course and get certified in the assessment. Qualtec is one such institute that has offering various training programs not only for individuals who are interested in the health and safety programs but also instructor courses who are interested to become the training faculty to teach these courses. Qualtec programs include manual handling, abrasive wheels, first aid responder and CFR to name a few courses from the institute. These courses are surely helpful for the individuals to quickly respond in times of emergency at the work place and also maintain the best work place standards and safety creating awareness among other employees. It is also important for the companies to encourage their employees to take part in these programs so that best work practices can be followed that would not only enhance the morale of the employees but also the productivity for the company.



FAR Course


Anyone can join the PHECC FAR course who are physically well enough to carry on the CPR in times of need and also able to handle people in distress placing them into recovery positions and also take care of their injuries before the medical help arrives. This first aid response course offers training to the individuals who have enrolled on how to handle people with life threatening injuries or a cardiac arrest using the first aid before professional medical help arrives. Those few moments are very precious to maintain the patient intact and that is what the first aid responders need to do to help one save their lives from the medical emergency situation. This FAR course covers topics like first aid in the work place, incident procedure, patient assessment, cardiac first response and also handling common medical emergency conditions like asthma, poisoning, fainting, seizures etc. The FAR’s should also be able to handle injury management and shock, electrical injury care, burns, caring for unconscious patient, information management etc that would all be very much useful before the medical help arrives.


The duration of this FAR course is a two day course putting up total 18 hours and on successful completion of the course the students shall be issued a certification from PHECC that is valid for 2 years.

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