Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

PHECC FAR Instructor course offers good career opportunities

Those who are interested to learn PHECC FAR course can find Qualtec as the best institute offering this course over a period of three days. Having years of experience in offering health and safety programs not only to the end users but also instructor courses you can surely find Qualtec having the best teaching resources. The course content covered under the FAR end user course includes patient assessment in times of emergency and maintain stability till the medical help arrives. The course also teaches about incident procedure, handling common medical emergencies, CPR, injury management, taking care of the unconscious patients. It also teaches how to handle burn and electricity injured patients, hypothermia and hyperthermia conditions, information management and about communication and the well being of the first aid responder also. Once this course is completed the candidate shall be able to deal with life threatening conditions in the pre-hospital environment till medical help arrives. By doing this course one shall be able to respond in medical emergency situations without panicking and maintaining their self- confidence and composure to ensure the patient condition is intact till medical help arrives. The candidates need to undergo an assessment on completion of this course before being certified as first aid responders.


Those who are interested in a career in this program can find the PHECC FAR instructor course from Qualtec as the best choice to realize their dream career. The instructor course includes contents like psychology of training, role of the trainer and principles of adult learning, understanding adult learning styles, challenging learners and class management, lesson planning, teaching methods and media, improving communication skills and confidence and how to build rapport with the learners. The course also includes learning how to prepare for a teaching a course, presentations, assessment of the students, FAR course and protocol, certification of the learners and handling FAR records and documentation. On completion of this course instructors shall be able to demonstrate competence in delivering clinical course content, teaching skills and effective presentation skills, applying principles of adult learning, demonstrating class management skills, good verbal and non-verbal skills, handling interpersonal skills, effective time management skills, assessment and evaluation of the learners as per the specific needs of PHECC and also design a FAR course.


Qualtec offers excellent support to all their candidates supporting them with the right material and resources to excel in their course.

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