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CFR Instructor Course

Join MEWP Instructor Course to Choose a Career as MEWP Course Trainer

It is important to choose a recognised and reputed institute like Qualtec when you are planning to do a trainers course or the end user course not only for the best quality training sessions but also recognised certification from the concerned authorities. Qualtec has been in the industry for many years and have successfully trained many people to do their certification courses in health & safety that is not only useful to build a career but also help people who are in need. You can find Qualtec offering MEWP instructor course for the aspirants who are interested to become instructors and train others in the safe handling and operation of the mobile elevated work platforms. This course content covers the health and safety legislation related to MEWPs, handling harnesses and lanyards safely, purposes and components of harnesses and lanyards, MEWP operation, refuelling and maintenance of MEWPs, suspension trauma, harness and lanyard inspection, delivery and assessment of MEWP course etc. By doing this instructor course the learners shall be able to explain all these concepts clearly to the end users. By doing this course successfully the learners should also undergo an assessment before being certified as Qualtec MEWPs instructor. Qualtec has priced the course competitively and also offer many more resources to the learners on completion of the course that would help them to excel as the MEWP instructors.


Knapsack Pesticide Training course


Similarly, you can also checkout for the knapsack pesticide training course which is very much useful for those who have to use the pesticides to learn the skills, attitude and knowledge about how to apply pesticides safely and correctly with the handheld sprayer. This pesticide training course generally covers topics like why to use pesticides, different pest control methods, selecting suitable pesticides, safe storage, handling, application and disposal of pesticides, legislations that apply to pesticides, preparation and calibration of handheld sprayer, learning about equipment and components of a handheld sprayer, mixing sprayers, storing sprays, PPE and sprays in a safe manner, application of sprayers etc. This course duration is 2 days and on successfully completing the course the learners should undergo an assessment to receive their certification.


Whatever course you choose you can book online to schedule your class by making the payment online. You can go through the many courses offered to the trainers as well as the end users and on meeting the minimum requirements to enrol into the class you can take up the courses that suits to your interests from Qualtec.

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