Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

Join CFR Instructor Course to Become a Trainer for CFR Course

Qualtec is one institute in the industry offering workplace health and safety training programs in the best quality to maintain good safety standards for the employees in the organisations. There are courses for the end users as well as those who are looking forward for a career as a trainer in this industry. You can find the institute coming up with different programs like manual handling, FAR course, abrasive wheels, CFR instructor course and many more that can be chosen based on their requirement and working conditions in their organisations. The CFR is one program that is quite popular and useful for everyone which trains the students with the required knowledge and skills to react at the time of cardiac arrest and help the patient with the first aid procedures to be followed before the medical help arrives. The CFR course content generally consists of administering aspirin, assessing stroke and helping the patient into recovery position to prevent choking and administer cardiac first responder techniques. The course covers critical incident stress awareness and also CFRR and legal indemnity issues. By doing this course you can explain the role of PHECC, explain the chain of survival and also demonstrate the child and adult CPR, teach the correct usage of AED, demonstrate on how to manage child and adult foreign body airway obstruction and also critical incident stress management. The course also helps the instructor to become proficient in teaching administration of oxygen using a BVM and also explain the steps that need to be taken while dealing with heart attack or stroke.


CFR Instructor Course


This course is designed for all those who wish not only to become cardiac first responders but also to those who would like to join the CFR instructor course and become a trainer in the industry in this module. The course is very much interactive with role playing and practical exercises where the instructor shall help the participants to implement the CFR techniques in the appropriate manner to save patients in the precious minutes before actually the professional medical hep arrives. The CFR instructor course also covers topics like adult education, class room teaching, communication skills etc so that you become proficient as a trainer after completing the course successfully and certified to become a CFR trainer in the industry.  This course duration is just 2 days and you can actually book your seat online with the institute Qualtec who are best in the industry when it comes to offering training programs in maintaining workplace health and safety for the benefit of the workforce.

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