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Those who are looking for a career as a health and safety instructor can find Qualtec offering a number of courses suitable for one’s interest. The institute Qualtec has been in the industry for many years and comes up with the best instructor as well as the end user courses in health and safety programs. The abrasive wheels instructor course is in great demand for those who already has some experience as QQL level 6 trainer or manual handing instructor along with good English written and oral skills. The course offers an insight and knowledge to the candidates to deliver an abrasive wheels training program to the end users. The course content covers legislation related to abrasive wheels, different types of abrasive wheels and awareness on the accidents involving abrasive wheels. The course also deals with information on abrasive wheels like its manufacture, handling and storage, components of abrasive wheels, trueing and dressing of abrasive wheels, structuring and delivering abrasive wheels training program for the learners. On completion of the course the candidates aspiring to become abrasive wheels instructor need to undergo an assessment to be certified by Qualtec.





Fire Safety Instructor course



The fire safety instructor course is also one that many choose to join and those who have good English written and oral skills along with experience as in QQL level 6 training delivery and evaluation or as QQL level 6 manual handling instructor can find this course very much appropriate for their career as a trainer for the health and safety programs. The course covers legislation related fire safety, fire detection and prevention, emergency procedures to be followed during fire accidents, using fire extinguisher, behaviour of human during fire accidents, and also the role and responsibility of fire marshal during such events. On completing the course the candidate shall be in a position to explain what is fire, legal requirements on fire safety, employers responsibilities on maintaining fire safety in the work place, fire triangle and hazards, fire procedures, different types of fire extinguishers etc to enhance the knowledge of the end users about maintaining fire safety in their work place.

The course duration either for fire safety instructor course or the abrasive wheels instructor course is two days and Qualtec offers best post training support to the qualified instructors to deliver their courses in the best manner to the end users. You can book your slot online for the instructor courses by paying the fees online to the institute.



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