Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

FETAC Occupational First Aid Courses Can Help Learners Gain Best Knowledge And Skills To Handle Health Emergency Situations In The Work Place

It is mandatory that organizations provide the best working conditions to their employees that surely enhances their productivity and also the morale of the employees. There are leading safety training and consulting firms offering different courses to maintain employee safety and good health conditions in the workplace. The organizations can enroll their employees in the Fetac occupational first aid courses so that they are trained in maintaining safety standards at the workplace as well can react in times of emergency as the first aid experts. The Fetac first aid courses help the participants to gain knowledge and skills to handle situations like patient assessment, respiratory emergencies, wound and bleeding, cardiac first response, musculoskeletal injuries, altered levels of consciousness, burns, poison and electric shocks etc that may accidentally happen in the work place. As trained candidates the participants shall be able to react in a professional to offer first aid before the patient is taken to the hospital or the doctor arrives. Anyone can take part in this course who would like to qualify as an occupational first-aid expert.


Patient Handling Instructor course


There CFR instructor course is for those who would like to be part of the safety and health training industry to provide learners with the best skills, knowledge and attitude as the cardiac first responders. The course covers topics like explaining the role of PHECC, chain of survival, demonstration of child and adult CFR, demonstration of the correct usage of an AED, handling child and adult foreign body obstruction, managing critical incident stress management and also the steps that need to be taken when dealing with a heart stroke or attack. The course content also trains the participants on the presentation skills of the course, lesson planning, training resources, and the course contents to teach and enhance the skills of the learners to become efficient cardiac first responders.


The patient handling instructor course is also offered to the trainers who with appropriate knowledge and skills can deliver the patient handling instruction to the students. This course content covers patient handling risk assessment, principles and techniques of patient handling, planning and design for people handling training courses and also lesson planning and sourcing appropriate content to teach effectively to the learners. The candidates enrolling in any of these courses have to take an assessment to determine their skills and knowledge in the subject before being cerfitied in the course.

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