Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

The FAR Course Equips One to Professional React in Times of Medical Emergencies

Those who are interested to join in the health and safety programs can find Qualtec offering some best courses in this field that would be helpful for the companies to enhance their workplace safety that results in more productivity and employee morale. The FAR course is one such program which provides the learners with the skills, attitude and knowledge to handle the patient who has become suddenly ill or injured until the medical help arrives. This course covers topics like patient assessment, handle common medical emergencies, manage injuries and shock due to the incident, cardiac first response, taking care of unconscious patients, applying first aid for burns and electrical injuries, managing hypothermia and hyperthermia conditions, information management and communication to receive medical help. By completing this PHECC FAR course the learners shall be to recognise and access the condition of the patient in times of sudden illness and take the first aid precautions in the pre-hospital environment before the medical help arrives to take care of the patient. The learner can also effectively respond in an appropriate manner with equipped knowledge on to how to handle the patient before medical services are summoned upon. They shall also be able to record and report the actions taken during the illness of the patient while handing over the case to the medical emergency team. The learners are also trained to maintain a caring and professional attitude during their performance as the first aid responders that give lot of faith to the patient before being handover to the medical services.


CFR Instructor Course


The CFR course is also one such program that equips the learners how to act as the cardiac first responder in times of emergency. Those who are interested to become trainers in this field can find the CFR instructor course quite prospective as many people are interested to enrol in this course. The CFR instructor course trainers the learners to become trainers in this field and the course content covers topics like introduction of PHECC, presentation skills, lesson planning and creating the learning environment in the class, training resources etc equipping the learner with the skills to explain the chain of survival, demonstrate child and adult CPR, demonstrate the proper use of AED, demonstration skills to remove adult and child foreign body airway obstruction, how to handle critical incident stress management, the steps required to follow while dealing with a heart stork or attack and also demonstrate the recovery position to save the patient as the cardiac first responders.


Most of the courses offered by Qualtec are completed within 2 days duration and every candidate should undergo an assessment before being certified as a professional in the course. Those who are interested can book their slot online and get the training from industry experts who have years of experience and knowledge in the health and safety training programs.

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