Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

FETAC Occupational First Aid Courses Help In Maintaining Safety Standards At The Workplace

Maintaining safety standards at the workplace is mandatory for any organization as it not only enhances the productivity of the employees but also their morale for the company. There are many health and safety programs being offered by professionals for the companies to achieve their OHSAS 18001 accreditation while the individuals can learn how to maintain safety and emergencies at the work place. The FETAC occupational first aid courses trains the learners about the possible accidents at the work place and the safety precautions to be taken along with how to use first aid in times of need during any emergency situation. The participants are trained to use CPR and defibrillator. By joining this course the participants are introduced to occupational first aid, assessing causality, handling of wounds and bleeding with appropriate first aid, heart disease CPR, poison, burns and scalds, responding to respiratory emergencies, altered levels of consciousness, introduction of the CFR, musculoskeletal injuries and many more in this three day course.


FETAC Occupational First Aid Courses

For those using pesticides can find the hand held pesticide application training very much useful as the course offers the best insights on how to apply pesticide safely and correctly along with the legislation that applies to pesticides. The course covers the contents like why to use pesticides, different methods for pest control, selecting suitable pesticides, handling, storage, application and disposal of pesticides, the components of a handheld pesticide, preparation and calibration of a handheld, mixing sprays, storing sprays, etc. By doing this course the participants shall gain knowledge on the skills and attitude to handle the hand held pesticide sprayer safely.


Similarly, one can also look out for the fire safety instructor course which helps the learners to successfully train others with the skills, knowledge and attitude of maintaining fire safety standards at the workplace. The course objectives cover right from what fire is to explain the legal requirements of fire safety, employer responsibility in maintaining fire safety at the work place, explaining fire triangle, identifying fire hazards, explanation of fire procedures, compare and contrast with using different fire extinguishers and also a demonstration of the same to make one proficient in the knowledge of fire safety at workplace. The participant on successfully completing any of the courses have to undergo an assessment, after which they are certified as successfully completing the course.