Patient Handling Instructor Course
CFR Instructor Course

FETAC Occupational First Aid Courses Are Very Useful To Handle Emergency At Work Place

There are so many courses being offered by the safety training and consultancy firms to help organizations maintain a healthy work environment and ensure the safety of their employees which would definitely enhance the productivity of the company. The trainers offer classes for FETAC occupational first aid courses that would help the candidates learn the basic first aid precautions that one should take in case of an emergency in the workplace. This course focuses on the objectives like helping the candidates to gain knowledge and skills in applying first aid techniques, enhance awareness about the possible accidents in their workplace, identify the accident that requires first aid technique, using automated external defibrillator and also optimizing the workplace health and performance. The first aid course covers topics like patient assessment, respiratory emergencies, cardiac first response, handling wounds and bleeding, musculoskeletal injuries, burns, chemicals, poison and electric shock etc.


CFR Instructor Course


The trainers also offer a CFR instructor course which offers learners with the skills, knowledge and attitude to train others as the cardiac first responders. The instructor course content covers topics like introduction to PHECC, presentation skills, lesson planning, training resources, recovery position, chain of survival, AED multi shock skills, child CPR & FBAO skills, heart attack and stroke, legal and ethical issues, administration issues, professional indemnity and many more. This course duration is 2 days and on completion the learners shall be able to explain the role of PHECC, chain of survival, demonstrator the candidates about adult and child CPR, correct using of AED, demonstration on how to handle child and adult foreign body airway obstruction, handling critical incident stress management etc in an effective manner.


There is also this patient handling instructor course being offered by the training institutes that comes very much handy in times of need. This course imparts the learns with the skills and knowledge of not only the subject but also teaching the content to the aspiring learners as an instructor. The course covers topics like patient handling risk assessment, principles and techniques in patient handling, planning and designing of people handling courses and finally delivering the course in an effective manner.


On completion of any of these courses the learners are assessed by the training institute before certifying them as competent in the subject. The course duration generally is for 2 to 3 days and the price is also very much competitive and anyone can book the course slots online.